Therese Erenius

Therese Erenius

Young Professional - 2019/2020 – Young Professionals


University: Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law

Degree: Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Master’s in Management

Why did you join Opticos?   

I joined Opticos to challenge myself and kickstart my career as a management consultant. Shortly after I was employed at Opticos, I was assigned to client assignments 100% which quickly gave me valuable hands-on knowledge. One of my client assignments has been ongoing during my whole first year which has been great as you really get to know the client and their needs.   

You have been part of the Young Professional Programme at Opticos. What was it like?   

What I especially liked about the Young Professional Programme was the balanced mix of client assignments and internal courses. The courses spread out over the year provided me with deeper knowledge of typical management consultancy areas but also a greater understanding of Opticos own areas of expertise; Digital Transformation, IT Strategic Advisory & Sourcing. During my first year at Opticos I've mainly worked within Sourcing and Procurement so when we had that internal course, it was beneficial to already have some practical experience. All the internal courses were held at our different Opticos offices which was a lot of fun as we regularly got to meet and connect with all colleagues within the company.  

What did you do before joining Opticos?  

Before I joined Opticos I studied at the Gothenburg University where I did a bachelor’s in business administration with a focus on logistics and a master’s in management. In parallel with my 5 years of university studies, I also worked part time at a forwarding agency.  

What is the best part about your job at Opticos?  

One thing I appreciate at Opticos is that you are encouraged from the start to partake in driving the organization forward, e.g. I have been part of internal projects related to both our business and communication plan. This is very rewarding as you get to provide your own perspective whilst you are also challenged to think outside the box. Furthermore, the combination of interesting client assignments together with the internal knowledge and experience makes Opticos an attractive employer.

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