Johanna Lilliecreutz

Johanna Lilliecreutz

Young Professional - 2019/2020 – Young Professionals

University: School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg

Degree: B.Sc. in Business and Economics, Analytical Program and a M.Sc. in Innovation and Industrial Management

Why did you join Opticos?

After my graduation I wanted to work as a management consultant since my perception was that it is a stimulating job that I can learn and develop a lot from - in other words a great way to start the career. I was especially interested in working at a consultancy firm that is future-oriented and focuses on digitalization and new technology since these fields were in line with my education and also something I wanted to learn more about. With that background, Opticos was the right choice for me.

You have been part of the Young Professional Programme at Opticos. What was it like?

In my opinion, being a part of the program is a great (and fun!) opportunity for new challenges, stimulating work tasks, and consequently both personal and professional development. The combination of practice and theory, where we work in real projects at clients while in parallel participate in courses, is a perfect way of learning according to me. The program has been well organized with relevant and interesting courses, and we have also done fun activities together which is a quick way to get to know the other young professionals.

Since Opticos is a relatively small consultancy firm, I feel that experienced colleagues really see us young professionals and listen to our input and ideas. For instance, as an internal project we got the task to provide the management team with recommendations as input for Opticos’ business plan 2021. The young professional program has definitely exceeded my expectations.

What is the best part about your job at Opticos?

The best part about my job at Opticos is that it is very stimulating, and I learn new things every day. During my first year I have been working in several projects at different organizations, and I really enjoy meeting new clients and learning more about their organizations. Last but not least, to work with colleagues that are professional, helpful, and caring is something I value highly about my job.

How does Opticos support your development?

I definitely get the support from Opticos that I need for my professional development. Firstly, each young professional has a development coach as support. I have regular meetings with my development coach where we for instance set and follow up goals as well as discuss challenges in client projects. My development coach further provides me with advice and support in questions I have. Additionally, I work closely with experienced colleagues who always are open for questions and want to share their knowledge. Lastly, the courses in the young professional program is another support in my development. The courses provide us young professionals with knowledge and tools that are helpful in order to succeed in the role as management consultants.


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